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Chavan Brothers - Indian Spices Or Masale From Lal Baug Mumbai

Contact Number : 6262626100
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Listing Category : Retail
Address : Borivali

About Us

“Kamgar Masala” now called “Chavan Brothers” was started by the Late Vishnu Natha Chavan in 1937. It is located in Lalbaug, once known as Girangaon in South Mumbai.

The relationship between Mumbai and its textile mills was as joyous as the one between a mother and her child. If anything, it is the mill workers (Kamgar) who made the spice (Masala) industry that it is today and hence the name “Kamgar Masala”.

Technology was not advanced as it is today. The workers had to make use of traditional tools and also involves lots of physical activity to Pound the spices. In the year 1965, to save the time and energy that was spent in manual pounding and also without affecting Natural Taste of spices, Late Vishnu Natha Chavan introduced ELECTRIC TOOLS in the spice industry and became the first person to do so, and hence later renamed “Kamgar Masala” to “Chavan Brothers”, which is known as the first spice shop in Chavan Family.
To make the spices tastier and to the liking (as per the taste) of the customers, the present owner Shri. Baban Vishnu Chavan became the first person in the industry to remove the stalks of chilies to prepare the spices, and eventually, Chavan Brothers became a Home of Traditional Spices.
The tradition of making spices, now, is being taken care of by the third generation of Late Vishnu Natha Chavan.
Chavan Brothers deliver spices not only across Maharashtra but also to various countries around the world, sharing the taste and aroma of delicious homemade spices that started in 1937.