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Suved - Chicken, Pork And Seafood Distributors Chembur Mumbai

Contact Number : 8108102071
Website :
Listing Category : Restaurants And Food Services
Address : 62/5, Sai Baba Nagar, Near Samaj Mandir Hall, Shell Colony Road, Chembur, Mumbai, India - 400071.

About Us

Welcome to Suved, your trusted source for premium-quality Raw and Processed Pork and Chicken products.

Our Pork Offerings:
Cold Cuts: Perfect for sandwiches and platters, offering a rich and savory flavor.
Bacon: Crispy and delicious, ideal for breakfast or as a flavorful addition to any dish.
Ham: Tender and juicy, great for sandwiches, salads, and main courses.
Salami: A versatile option for appetizers, pizzas, and charcuterie boards.
Pepperoni: Spicy and flavorful, a favorite topping for pizzas and snacks.
Sausages: Juicy and succulent, perfect for grilling, frying, or as an ingredient in various recipes.
Bacon Sausage: Combines the smoky flavor of bacon with the hearty texture of sausage.
Raw Pork Meat: High-quality cuts, perfect for your favorite pork recipes.

Our Chicken Selection:
Cold Cuts: Convenient and tasty, ideal for quick meals and snacks.
Salami: Flavorful and versatile, perfect for sandwiches, pizzas, and more.
Cocktail Sausages: Bite-sized and delicious, great for appetizers and party platters.
Bacon: Adds a savory touch to your favorite Chicken dishes.
Ham: Lean and tasty, suitable for a variety of culinary applications.
Pepperoni: A spicy and zesty addition to pizzas, sandwiches, and salads.